Online safety and useful websites for parents

At Flakefleet Primary School we use technology to enhance our curriculum and provide enriched learning opportunities for our pupils. There are many educational benefits to using technology and going online and as a school we fasciliate this with an emphasis of educating pupils about Online Safety.

Pupils are taught the skills to use technology safely and responsibily both in school and at home. Computing and PSHE lessons both cover online safety this and this is woven into the curriculum with a different focus each half term. As a school we believe that this cannot be covered in one stand alone unit and is something that is revisited throughout the year in both subjects and during dedicated events such as Safer Internet Day, Anti Bullying week. Pupils are taught to identify where to go for help and support, and when they have concerns about content or contact on the internet or other online technologies.

At Flakefleet the Online Safety Lead is Mrs Burnett the Deputy headteacher. The online safety group meet half termly. Their focus is to ensure DFE digital and technology standards are met.

The group use the the 360 degree safe self review tool to review the schools online safety policy and practices.

Online Safety Group

Mrs Burnett – Online Safety Lead
Mrs Pratt – DSL
Mr Cartmell – Computing Lead
Miss Burrows – PSHE Lead
Mrs Moore – Online Safety Governor
Mrs Williamson – Online Safety TA
Mr Sumner – Assistant Head/Pupil Premium Lead/CLA

The online safety group review the online safety policy and linked acceptable use agreements (see policy below). All pupils, staff and visitor are required to agree to our acceptable use terms when visiting the school. The group also involve pupils and parents in when writing the yearly action plan. Digital ambassdaors are elected in each year group from Y1-Y6, these pupils not only share learning but are involved in gathering pupil voice repsonses. Parents are given opportunity to give feedback through regular parental surveys and the school newsletter features a weekly online safety section.

Flakefleet Primary School uses Securly to filter inappropriate content from users in school. We also monitor online activity of staff, children and visitors to school. Any concerns that arise are reported immediately following our safeguarding proceedures.

Pupils working online are supported and closely monitored in class by teachers and support staff. We utilise tools within Apple Classroom to ensure that children are only accessing appropriate content while using a school device. Reports are generated weekly and reviewed by our Online Safety Leader and DSL. Spot checks are also carried out at regular intervals. Staff also recieve weekly report for their year group. Action is taken immediately to address any concerns that arise (in line with our Behaviour, Anti-Bullying, Equalities, Safeguarding or PREVENT policies and procedures). Any action that arises from this is reported to the Governing Body via the Online safety governors report.

We believe in working closely with our parents to support pupils in developing safe practice when using online technology and below are a number of useful links and documents.

Reporting Harmful Content

Reports can be made 24/7 through the online reporting forms and helpline practitioners will review and respond to reports within 72 hours between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Reports can be made to RHC by anyone over the age of 13. SWGfL operates 3 helplines and to be sure you’re getting the right support take a look at the Helpline flowchart to find out who can best support you.

Click here to report harmful content

The little guide to reporting harmful content

Useful Links